DeOdorPRO Marine

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No more nasty boat and musty damp smells!

25g Packs – for small boat cabins.

50g Packs – For holds and yachts.

100g Packs – For large water vessels.

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Perfect for a Small Boat Cabin or Hold, Yacht or Larger Water Vessel!

Marine vessels can generate some pretty nasty odors! DeOdorPRO offers three size packets, 25g and, the 50 and 100g fast-release packets to treat any size space or problem. For larger space treatments, our 50g and 100g packets offer double the performance, double the value compared to any competing product!

DeOodorPRO offers the most effective, simple, safe, easy to use products with simple to use directions. We guarantee you will smell the difference!

For heavy duty odors, we recommend using LiquaSan liquid deodorizer in tandem with the gas treatment for maximum results!

DeOdorPRO Packets 25g, 50g, 100g, 

Packaging / Applicator 


Remove all loose items, debris and trash from inside the cabin, open all compartments. Lift cushions & mattresses off to their sides; open any closets or compartment doors and ensure all exterior doors and windows are sealed before activating.

Activate & Treat

Open the packaging carefully, as the shell is used as the holder. Place holder in a central, flat area, 3′ above the floor. Fill with hot tap water. Place the DeOdorPRO packet, blue side down, in water. Treatment time is a minimum of 6 hours, ideally overnight. Close and lock the doors and windows, to let the chlorine dioxide gas go to work!*

* Do not allow people or pets to enter space being treated as gas is a respiratory irritant.

Air Out

Open all windows and doors and allow space to air out for one-hour. After initial air out, close holder(s), remove packet and disposed of according to instructions. Once your boat/vessel is properly aired out, enjoy the new face of clean!

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